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Filip Gavran
Posted about 5 years ago
Is There a God?
What if we focused, just for an instant, on the fundamental choice we are provided: on one side, the faith-based idea of God's existence, which, if accepted, closes immediately to any further intellectual revision; on the other, the alternative: science, and it's honest method, which is always ready to accept and admit its own mistakes. While religion gives unquestionable dogmas, science has the intellectual honesty to say 'right, I was wrong - let's work on to find out the truth'. What's even more important: science doesn't punish those who think differently - if you believe that something is true, all you have to do is prove it. There's no room for semantic tricks, no language traps, just pure facts. It's so easy to let go of God, my friends. The very moment we realize that all we are, all we have and all good things in the world don't need a God to exist, we are free. The insatiable need is gone, and we can focus on making this world a good one. Just for the sake of it.