About Keith


Editor-in-chief of National Geographic Traveler magazine (the ideal job, given that I was born in the Congo, schooled in Scotland and four other countries, retain my Canadian citizenship, and am eager to crack 80 countries visited)...led a National Geographic team to create journeystreams, an open-source web site to enable students to tell and share multimedia stories...launching a company to combine two of the world's three biggest businesses--travel + education--to bring kids and parents/grandpararents together around the world's most powerful learning tool (travel)..writing book, 100 Places That Will Change Your Child’s Life, to be published in Fall 2010.

Before joining the Geographic, was executive producer of Excite...editorial director/ partner in launching BabyCenter...founder and creative director of Media Development Group (book series for Utne Reader, City Passports, a series of travel titles, and 1996 Guide to the Atlanta Olympics, Disney's Big Time) and WestWorld Media, an Internet and print media development and production company (Metallica was our coolest client)... also special projects editor for Meigher Communications (Smart Parenting; Friends magazine, concepts for Hallmark, America's Health Network, and The Discovery Channel). At Whittle Communications I developed and ran more than 30 magazine, audio and video projects, including Special Reports, a communications system of 24 annual magazines and editorial posters and twice-monthly TV shows in doctor’s offices. Other: written/edited for Sports Illustrated...edited 10 books for Reader's Digest...color commentator for ESPN...freelances, most recently for the Washingtonian, AARP, and Parenting...author of "The Canuck Book" and the 1998 Winter Olympics ACCESS Guide for ABC-TV.



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TED2011, TED2009, TED2008, TED2007, TED2006, TED2005, TED2004

Areas of Expertise

media content

An idea worth spreading

How combining travel and education can build the lives of the next generation.

I'm passionate about

Travel, education, technology, innovation, curiosity, sustainabiliy

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Travel, education, media, exploration, and plunging into alien worlds.

People don't know I'm good at

Sailing right up to the dock.

My TED story

Simple--I started in 1988 and I'm still coming. The TED story is always the same: everything changes; the event gets more fascinating; and the community gets richer, more complex, and more powerful.