About Nakho


Pursuing journalism / media studies, with emphasis on civic elements.
Also work as a comics connoisseur in Korea.


English, German, Japanese, Korean

An idea worth spreading

Citizen journalism, the practice of producing and sharing journalism news by ordinary citizens, emerges from complex interaction among various news institutions (e.g. individual newspapers, agencies, aggregators, bloggers, local communities, etc) in different social conditions. By building agent-based model simulations and looking into real-life cases, we can (at least to some extent) make sense of which kinds of citizen journalism emerge under certain conditions. Using this knowledge, we'll be able to construct ideal public spheres where citizens come together to openly discuss on public issues of their communities.

I'm passionate about

Online media. Citizen and civic journalism. Comics.



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journalism, online culture

People don't know I'm good at

80s Korean pop culture

My TED story

TED is one of my prime sources for inspiration, and one of the rare conferences where the talks are worth so much more than their printed articles.

Favorite talks