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An idea worth spreading

There is some scepticism within my country, The Netherlands, against windmills. Yeah, I know. That's funny. Basicly we have a lot of gas to sell to pay for nice things, so our government is lagging on the clean energy front. They suggest they want to reach their commitment to Kyoto and their EU tragets but they are doing nothing about it and this is mainly why. One infamous argument against windmills is that wind energy is too variable to be sustained by our energy network. There have been several propositions to have windmill parks in the North Sea be accompanied by basins in sea. When there is too much production, pump the water out to sea, when there is none, let it flow back. It's a simple and efficient way of stabilizing output with minimal loss of eficiency. (Because at the moment we lack a hydrogen infrastructure). I would like to suggest this idea to other countries governments. Obviously my country is doing swat with it and a basin is easy to achieve.

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diving, good design, clean energy

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Clean energy, darwin, science and arts and basicly anything that broadens my view, especially interdisciplinary stuff. I love it when communication achieves great things.

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My TED story

I can't remember the first time I noticed TED but I think it was somewhere last year. I've listened to many great speakers and they get me thinking about stuff, which I like.

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Willem Mol
Posted almost 6 years ago
Dan Dennett: Cute, sexy, sweet, funny
The proposed theory regarding "funny" may be further supported by this neuro-scientific research regarding "liking": http://www.lsa.umich.edu/psych/research&labs/berridge/research/affectiveneuroscience.html It suggests stimulation of hedonic centers in the brain as a result of the activity of searching.