Jerzy Pa

Warszawa, Poland

About Jerzy


GG#: 963673 - rozsądnie proszę (najlepiej tylko w/s tłumaczeń)

An idea worth spreading

Any. Though an idea may not be top-shelf it can still produce a landslide of thoughts. I always welcome a good mental landslide.

I'm passionate about

everything - life in general.

Talk to me about

Anything I haven't heard of yet.

People don't know I'm good at

Absolute logic, massage :)

My TED story

After seeing an n-th Talk on TED I thought about how I can't share it with my friends, because their English isn't good enough. The same week TED announced Open Translations Project. ROCK ON.

Currently helping with the organization of TEDxWarsaw, and hopefully many more x-events in Poland in the future.

Favorite talks