Eduardo Lemos Abade

Belo Horizonte / Minas Gerais, Brazil

About Eduardo Lemos


I would like to see myself as someone who believe so hard in human potential. As a lawyer I work out to answer that question: how can we generate innovation using governmental incentives in Brazil. So my core words will be INNOVATION and ENTERPRENEURSHIP, because I choose to fight for a BETTER world, beginning in Brazil. As a Brazilian I have the opportunity to see from a different view: I want to share and learn; be open for TED ideas; and keep going in that conversation. Help the world see Brazil as a place for innovation and entrepreneurship, that’s my challenge.

An idea worth spreading

Explain why and in what ways Brazil can be considered one of the world’s main destinations for direct investments in innovation outsourcing and which are the main forms of incentives for companies to develop their innovative projects in the country.

I'm passionate about

Surprising ideas, technologies, things that just a human brain can create and explore, Innovation and business.

Talk to me about

About Innovation, new ways, business - The way we can help people fulfill their potential.

People don't know I'm good at

Helping people to realize and conquer the dream. That Brazil is more than they think. And together we are stronger. i'm good at do and show.

My TED story

My TED story must be writing with TED community. I am very focus on develop the innovation system in Brazil. For that I help to show what we have and the ways we can possible work that out. Alone is a sad path and I am very please that I am not alone, so lot’s of people are helping me out tell that story, write it in the best way, and share, and learn and why not change for better. Join us, and learn a little more about Brazil and how it can help the world be a better place.