Alejandro Martinez-Garcia

Professor, Instituto Tecnol├│gico del Valle de Morelia
Morelia, Mexico

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English, Spanish

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Complexity Theory / Science, Sustainability, Optimisation, Heuristics Evaluations, evolutionary computation

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Alejandro Martinez-Garcia
Posted about 4 years ago
How can we help the sustainability community maintain its growth? *A TEDActive Sustainability Project question*
Whatever ways or actions someone or some group of individuals take towards sustainability, I suggested (Martinez-Garcia, 2005, 2010) that one should consider that human systems are complex. This means that whatever definition of sustainability for human complex systems should take such complexity into account. In practical terms, I suggested (Martinez-Garcia, 2005, Martinez-Garcia & Anderson, 2007) that a sustainable, human-made, complex system, coevolving with its environment (social, ecological, economic, cultural, technological, etc), should be fit (achieving its multiple goals and purposes while performing below threshold values for failure) and flexible (generating sets of diverse options-strategies-ways to achieve its goals and purposes). These definitions stress the importance of considering diversity (biological, cultural, technological, etc) as a key component of any sustainable system, since such diversity (flexibility) represents nature┬┤s way to cope with uncertainty.