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Jack Pearson
Posted over 1 year ago
Why does a fast food sandwich taste exactly the same 365 days a year?
I completely agree Don, it seems the consumer is aware of health. Though seems that large co-porations have cashed in on peoples busy life styles and it is impossible for the high street eater to avoid the convenience they offer, These businesses are driven by money and the need to make profit, the issues with healthy "fresh" foods is that they are more expensive, their way to adapt to people becoming more aware of health issues is to paint a picture in their advertising of green "local" farmers growing healthy produce. Though they are not changing their menus, they are changing the way their food appears. It seems people are loosing touch with the food they are eating due to false information. It is necessary to bring the high street eater back to our environment. People are used to having whatever they want whenever they feel, I believe that we need to embrace our environment and turn these high street eaters toward seasonal foods whilst adopting the predictable convenient fast food philosophy,...