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The Rotary International, Rotaract and Interact Clubs are a great way of contributing to our community and making great things happen. Projects about environmental issues, and culture and health issues are conducted in a friendly environment where friendship is valued and everyones' contribution is welcome.

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ping pong and pool.

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I found the website by mistake, and I am now addicted to the talks. The subjects are very well presented by the speakers and I have learned a great deal from watching them.

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Maria Tancu
Posted over 4 years ago
What was the most amazing social experience you had and why?
In 2000 I was an exchange student coming from Romania, Bucharest, in a small Long Island town, Mount Sinai. Imagine the questions I got from all the people I met during my stay, as most did not know where Romania was on the map, not to mention any other information, like living conditions and level of education. I come from a moderately wealthy family but I represent a growing social class, and even at that time I was above the American mean.Starting from the image of a rural African country they had imagined about Romania, they were astonished to find out I had at that time, more TV sets and cable internet, 2 cars and even a more lavishing lifestyle than some of them. By the end of my year there, I had managed to share a lot of information about my country to so many people . In case anyone would like to know more about us Romanians, please feel free to leave a note:)