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Management & Administration / Projects & Sustainability / International Experience
Engineer specialized in Management Systems with varied international experience: consulting, industrial security, energy, construction, Telecommunications and Non-profit Projects. MBA degree from Brazil, specialized training in Finland and Japan, and a master level program in Georgetown University. Work and academic experience in different regions of the world, fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and proficient with software and ever-changing technology. Currently enrolled in a Professional Certification Program at Harvard University (Goal: Master degree in Sustainability & Environmental Management).

PROFESSIONAL GOAL: Green Jobs, International Organizations, Corporate Social Responsibility.
SERVICES FOR COMPANIES IN LATIN AMERICA: Consulting / Representative or Agent


English, Portuguese, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Change Management, Disability and Development, Leadership Development & Team Building, Speaking, Training & Workshops, Diversity and cultural sensitivity, Project Management, planning and Evaluation, Sustainability and Sustainable Development, CSR Corporate Social Responsibility , Work Safety

An idea worth spreading

- Small projects, strategically planned, well executed and based mainly on motivated volunteers and community work, have the power to transform neighborhoods, regions and countries
- For developing countries: Teamwork is more important than money
- Sport and competition for everyone!
- Less stressful work and more rewarding lifes through volunteerism! ... What do you stand for?... What is your cause in life?... your passion to be alive?...
- Working together we can change the world for better in our lifetime
- Green Energy, Biomimicry and Sustainable Development (with Education as a top priority)

I'm passionate about

- Sustainable Development
- Business, Global trends, Technology
- Leadership & Motivation
- Overcoming obstacles, dealing with change
- Wheelchair Tennis
- Speaking, sharing ideas

Talk to me about

Innovation, Inventions, PWDs, Engineering and Social Projects, Colombia & Brazil, Ideas for a better world, Green Global Trends, Wheelchair Sports, Public Speaking, CSR (RSE), Sustainability

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My TED story

FABIO PADILLA – Inspirational Speaker.
An idealist with the practical vision of an engineer and the passion of a sportsman!

+My Story+
In the growing phase of my career, in a Monday afternoon... few seconds and some “bad luck” coincidences changed my life forever: I fell 6 floors by an elevator shaft in an incredible work accident. That could be the end… I’m very lucky to be alive. And, believe it or not, healthy and very active. Life turned my focus from engineering to social projects: leadership, sports, volunteerism and public speaking became my job. I was the leader of The Silver Fund Project for Colombia, part of a worldwide effort to bring rehabilitation, happiness and opportunities to people with disabilities through wheelchair tennis. Small projects like this one, with passion and hard work, can grow amazingly… changing lives and giving opportunities for many.
Since I am and idealist, TED is my place. I love to spread ideas every time I can.

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Posted almost 3 years ago
What 3 things did you learn while you were in a near-death experience?
Well ... only 3?... let me see... - When I was 17, Almost die after being hit by a car when crossing a street with my friends on a fryday night. The guy was drunk and mad, and I was lucky enough to fly by the air and crash against the floor with little injuries, I broke the car windshield with my back in the process and the car just ran away after that. Crazy accident just for being at the wrong place at the wrong moment. But I survived to tell the story and thank God every day for my legs. (But He had a surprise for me). - When I was 20, Almost die after hitting a rock with my head, with no helmet, in a very dangerous river while trying rafting without previous training... that was my time of extreme sports experiments in Colombia. And for sure, that was a stupid one. Just on time to aware my partners to NOT do the same. We made other tries in different sports, many successful ones ... that was a great time in my life. Some years of quick business, action and fun. - On 2000, working as an engineer, I almost die after falling 6 floors by an elevator shaft (yeah! ... six floors). I fell by the hole from the rooftop of a 10 floors building, when taking a picture, but lucky enough to stop over elevator's machinery which was stopped at 5th. On this 3rd story I survived as well, but now I'm using a wheelchair and living a new life. A good one!... more chanllenges but also more rewards, more problems bu also a more meaningful life. No regrets! ... just my second chance on earth (or maybe the 4th?...) Now I speak to people about leadership and motivation. and enjoy my life a lot. Yeah!... it's not easy but you have to take advantage of every moment and every day in your life, you never know when would be the last one. http://fabiopadilla.com/presentation-english/