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Linda Waters
Posted over 1 year ago
Are the ethics of healthcare compatable with the ethics of business?
We've had the experience of choosing between not-for-profit (which I believe is total BS) and non-profit hospice care for a family member. There is a myth that capitalism improves everything. We saw how the not-for-profit sparingly doled out services. For what? Presumably to preserve the salaries of the providers not to preserve resources for the community. If we can, we'll choose a non-profit hospice every time. To me, there is something immoral about profiting from dying. (PS - I believe the same for funerals so I am glad my family member chose cremation.) To me, the problem lies with sustainability. The high salaries of hospital administrators, health care insurance administrators, equipment manufacturers, etc. cannot be sustained. There is no real competition. Its more like a cartel between providers.