Pranab Bora

Resident Editor (East and Northeast), The Telegraph, India, The Telegraph - India
Guwahati, India

About Pranab


Currently Resident Editor (East and North-east) of The Telegraph's north-east edition. Lead the newspaper's north-east team in Guwahati, Assam districts, the North-east and Kolkata.

Prior to my current assignment, was Editor (Assamese) with The Sunday Indian that is published in 14 Indian languages across India, with its head office in New Delhi. My team an I set up the Assamese edition of the magazine in Assam.

Apart from The Telegraph with which I am currently employed, I have over the past 20 years in the profession, having written for publications such as The Sunday Indian, India Today, India Today Travel Plus, The Pioneer, Darpan, the in-flight magazine of Alliance Airways,, and National Herald in Delhi, and The Sentinel and Newsfile Lifestyle, a lifestyle magazine of the North-east, in Guwahati, in various capacities. Have also freelanced with The Times of India, Delhi.

Areas Written on:

Politics, insurgency, music, travel and lifestyle.

Work Experience: Details

Since March 2010: Resident Editor (East and North-east), The Telegraph. Located in Guwahati.

Lead the newspaper's north-east team in Guwahati, Assam districts, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Kolkata.

From February 2007 to February 19, 2010: With The Sunday Indian, New Delhi. Position: Editor (Assamese), Associate Editor (English). Located in Guwahati

2000 to 2006: Newsfile, New Delhi. Position: Editor

Set up and headed a team of reporters covering India's North-eastern states. Newsfile covered the region for The Pioneer, New Delhi, Darpan, the in-flight magazine of Alliance Airways,, and on a number of occasions India Today Travel Plus, the country's leading travel magazine.

2005: Newsfile Lifestyle, Guwahati. Position: Editor

Headed the team at Newsfile Lifestyle, a lifestyle magazine for the North-east. The magazine was well received by readers at Guwahati.

1994-1998: India Today, New Delhi. Position: Senior Sub-Editor

Apart from being a part of the editing team at India Today, I wrote on the North-eastern states for the magazine. Also wrote on music for the magazine.

1992-1993: National Herald, New Delhi. Position: Sub-Editor

Apart from being Sub-Editor and part of the front page team, I was responsible for putting together the paper's International Weekly.

1990-91: The Sentinel, Guwahati. Position: Reporter / Sub-Editor

Was a reporter and sub-editor with The Sentinel, a prominent English daily in Guwahati. Reported on insurgency, politics and other issues concerning the region. Wrote a number of feature stories for the paper. Also brought out its Sunday and Saturday supplements for about six months. Basically, learnt the ins and outs of a newspaper.


Was presented a Certificate for Outstanding Contribution by Planman Media, the publishers of The Sunday Indian group of magazines.

Have done a fair amount of travel photography, and loved seeing my photographs in India Today Travel Plus, and Darpan, the in-flight magazine of Alliance Airways.


Speak, read and write English and Assamese
Speak and read Bengali
Speak Hindi, Nagamese and Sylheti


Assamese, Bengali, English, Hindi

Areas of Expertise

Writing, Editing - academic, creative writing, news, Songwriting , Composing, Photography

An idea worth spreading

You do not have to bring in the army to control civil unrest or civilian issues, so long as you are in the right. The idea is to be honest as rulers, be open to and accept change, talk to people and put country first. Sign the world's best conventions and stand by them. Trust your people. Never brutalise society.Trust culture, know your traditions. Be true to history and respect it. Respect individuality. Respect other people's freedom and their right to it. Respect other people's languages--never ever call them dialects, no matter what. If you have learnt to respect the language of dolphins, you can certainly learn to respect the languages of other communities, no matter how small they may be. Respect diversity of people, thought, language, culture, food, and unity will come. As will peace. And then you wont have to call in the army to 'control' your own people. Never be afraid of change--never be afraid of accepting the new generation, and learn from it. Change is the only constant

I'm passionate about

Music, individual freedom, good company, good humour, a good drink with friends, staying on the 'student-friend' list of some of my teachers, writing songs, singing, being there for my folks

Talk to me about

Music, lyrics, wine, meditation, poetry. traditional medicine and ayurveda, homoeopathy, politics and culture, food, Scotch, Absolut, Bombay Saphire, bourbon whiskey, traditional brews, photography

People don't know I'm good at


My TED story

Is a story about freedom and the need to respect it