Gary Lanoie

Epsom, NH, United States

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Gary Lanoie
Posted over 1 year ago
MPH student and over 50! I need to use social media and feed readers to build a virtual community and get policymakers to read about them.
Greetings Garrison I am very new to the social media scene however, I am currently taking a course on this topic as part of my degree studies. Through research that I have performed I feel comfortable advising you to start with what has become the nexus of social media and that of course is Facebook. Recent statistics show that Facebook has an average of 1.23 billion registered website visitors every month. In my opinion, this large body of users will give you the best chance at finding people with like minded goals. In addition there is no fee for service which should be helpful to the financial challenges experienced by non-profit organizations. The onboarding process for a new user is easy and even with the most basic of demographics, the algorithms start churning in an attempt to build your network. The site also allows the creation of "pages" that could give your organization a presence in your community increasing your exposure within the network. Of course, you need to be sure you have done your due diligence prior to going live with your content. I would recommend that you spend some time reviewing the Data Use Policy, use of "Cookies" and the Terms of Service. I would also take my time and go through the Security and Privacy settings in the user profile to ensure they are setup correctly to meet your organization’s needs. There is also a fair amount of communication granularity that can be added by setting up Groups and different levels of "Friendship" in your network. I realize the ads can be a little disconcerting, but their presence is part of the bargain. I realize this may not tick all your boxes, but it may at least be a way to find and develop those valuable connections you are looking for. I wish you success in all of your endeavors! Gary