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Khadejah Sewell
Posted about 1 year ago
What is the correlation between happiness and one's career choices?
In my opinion, choosing the right career choice has more impact determining one's overall emotional well being. Our society is greedy whether it is acknowledged or not. Social structure blindly pushes us to desire external things (money, houses, cars, diamonds, yacht) to give a display or to visualize what happiness is. A question I would ask is if you can see happiness in anything other than yourself (things you can touch), and if so, what is the difference between that happiness and your own internal happiness(just the feeling ). It is easy to describe the first happiness (Things you can touch) as a distraction from everything else going on in life or a pseudo-happiness that allows a temporary release of bad emotions because you now have something that you like... Working, having a job to make money, to buy what you like and to get the bills paid (EXTERNAL) but you hate what you do. If all of those things that you had to pay for did not exist, how would you define your happiness then? There would be nothing left to materialize the essence happiness. However, the difference comes into play when nothing else matters but the levels you want to achieve in your career and feeling the success received for the goals achieved by the choices you made (INTERNAL)... Basically, what I'm trying to say is that true satisfaction and happiness of career choices comes internally through personal set goals and achieving them through working with something that identifies with your persona. Internal happiness is not the only kind of happiness but its the most durable and effective happiness. Work becomes a hobby if it's something that truly makes you happy.