Taylor Martin

Huntington, IN, United States

About Taylor


I am currently a junior at Huntington University. I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and Anderson, Indiana. I study history, psychology, sociology and all of the cultural enrichment courses offered as well as many communication classes. I haven't left the States yet but the goal is to travel all next summer for 3months and make it to 12 countries. I think that because my family is so grounded in staying in one place that it has created within me a desire to not stop moving, to not stop exploring. I realized early on that I was obsessed in the best sort of way with people, cultures, and religions. As I have grown I have realized a dream to create something that can allow others to explore similar interests.



An idea worth spreading

I would like to open a magazine. One that can allow people to become connected to the other people out there. Its focus would be on culture, travel, artists and more. This idea is to bring people together with not only those across the world but those in their own backyard and allow people to venture into the unknown and different. The hope is to create something where those who have gifts and talents can be housed under one magazine title.

I'm passionate about

Travel, people, culture, urban studies. I honestly am most passionate about studying the connections between people and how culture plays a part in that. I think this is why I strive to know more.


Huntington University

Talk to me about

Anything. I am open to hear what you have to say and I want to know your ideas.

People don't know I'm good at

Connecting people. I am sometimes called a "social trap" but from that stems many new relationships for people.

My TED story

I don't know that I have one yet. I'll let you know when I do.