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My name is J.M. Sato, I am a freelance writer, editor and author of the dark fantasy series Revelations, available internationally through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Outskirts Press.

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Jessica Sato
Posted over 1 year ago
What is your most favourite place in the world? If its your country, why should people visit?
I lived in Japan for nearly 8 years. Most of that time was in Tokyo with my husband, who is Japanese. Every now and again he would rent a car for us and he would take me to the country side to always see new sites. I love the countryside in Japan. There's something mythical about it. Near Mt. Fuji was one place in particular called Oshino Hakkai. It's in Yamanashi prefecture. It's a small traditional town with pristine crystal water springs. They had shops with traditional japanese foods and soba prepared in the water from the spring. I am so happy my husband brought me there for me to discover such a beautiful place.