Eric Fleischmann

Software Engineer
Idaho Falls, ID, United States

About Eric


Experienced developer, enterprise architect, and seasoned leader with extensive background directing large global development organizations. I've refactored stagnant waterfall based development groups into dynamic, agile, delivery teams. I've crafted and implemented standard tools, interfaces, & processes across multiple organizations. Designed an influenced interaction layer between Lean business model and agile development teams. Employed Incremental Funding Models to enable accelerated software delivery and adherence to vigorous business need while reducing overall budgets. Managed development teams on four continents and built development teams in Hungary and India from scratch. I thrive in settings where there is need for technical problem solving and finding and leveraging patterns to deliver strong solutions to problems for multiple lines of business.

Areas of Expertise

Software Engineering, Software Development, Software Management

An idea worth spreading

Online chronological itemized list of every federal, state, and local expenditure as they happen. Backend database(s) and code being one of the items. Data is warehoused for open source business intelligence. In other words, any individual throughout the world, not just American citizens, can utilize (read-only) the data for their own reporting.

I'm passionate about

Being outdoors, being happy, fishing, rafting, family.

Talk to me about

Technology that can help conservation efforts, curb government control, and reduce reliance on foreign imports.

People don't know I'm good at