Valentina Wellbrock

Designer - Graphic and Interaction design, Hochschule RheinMain
Wiesbaden, Germany

About Valentina


I'm originally from the Ukraine and after years of cancer I'm now a passionate Photographer and Artist.
I' m thankful to be here, enjoy a good live and work to regive it all. :)


English, German, Russian

Areas of Expertise

Persistence, Stubbornness, Politeness, Game Art & Design, Print & Web Design, Illustrating and art, Photogaphy, WordPress Customization

An idea worth spreading

Make TED Live-Transmissions easier available for Schools, Teachers and Students around the globe!
With easier I mean make it cheaper! It's really mindboggling and painful to see how much good and progress of thought would have come if at least some of my teachers would have known that something like TED even existed!

I'm passionate about

At the moment?

Cognitive "mind-gaps", connections within science fields, perception

06/30/2010: my Cello!

Talk to me about

Teach me about: science, politics and art of the mind!

People don't know I'm good at

reinventing myself and finishing hard tasks

My TED story

From Dawkins to Facebook and Blackmore and back to Dawkins. From there to Youtube and Dan Ariely and finally TED!
Here I 'll start to fill my world with the riches I've found! And spread them!

Favorite talks

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