Mike Song

Author and speaker, Researcher and Speaker
Guilford, CT, United States

About Mike


Mike Song's goal is to organize the world. He has helped millions via 3 best-selling books and appearances on Good Morning America and CNN. Growing up, Mike's files were ALWAYS a disaster. He constantly lost information and as a result -- opportunities. In desperation, he tried to implement systems recommended by time management gurus only to discover that these systems disintegrated into chaos within months. At last, he invented a radical new way of ordering all information that a human encounters in their lifetime. This system -- called COTA (Short for COhesive DaTA) received a patent from the USPTO and is being used by hundreds of thousands of professionals, the US Military, and scores of global 1000 companies. Mike discovered the organizational DNA for all of humanity but more importantly -- he can communicate this life-altering information - in just a few minutes. Imagine a world, in which everyone uses the same system to organize everything. Imagine if that system could actually guide everyone to lead a more useful, successful, satisfying life. That is the vision that burns in Mike's heart -- give him a chance and he will show you a way to bring order to a world drowning in lost information and ideas...a world that urgently needs to get organized. Moreover, what really stands between us and life-saving cures, resolutions of conflicts, critical defense systems -- may simply be that we are all in desperate needs of a GPS for lost information.



Areas of Expertise

Getting Organized, Time Management, Time Management, Organizing, , Personal productivity, Technology Tips

An idea worth spreading

That all human information can be summarized by 7 master categories which when viewed together reflect the organic sum of a human being's life and worth. Discovering and sharing these magical 7 categories -- which also apply to groups of people -- not just individuals -- is my life's work and greatest passion.

I'm passionate about

Helping every human being on the planet organize their information so that the collective IQ of the world rises dramatically. This will yield cures, answers, and global understanding.

Talk to me about

Universal knowledge systems that cut across race, ethnicity, and geopolitical position. Anything that unites humanity to solve our greatest problems.

People don't know I'm good at

I am a top 1% runner. I had an extremely successful stint as a lead singer and songwriter of a rock band. I've written 3 best-selling books about information and technology.