Luis Razo

Founder and President, International Voluntary Tax Fund
Barcelona, Spain

About Luis


I am a business and social entrepreneur from Orange County, California. I studied psychometrics at Harvard University and for the past 25 years I have been thinking about and working on the intersection between business, philosophy and social science. I am currently a professor of Public Economics at the Barcelona Graduate School of Management and Executive Director of a knowledge management consulting firm based in Los Angeles and Barcelona. However, my primary passion involves my work with the International Voluntary Tax Fund, a non-profit organization whose mission is to stimulate dialogue among business, political and academic leaders about the role of taxation in the evolution of democracy.


Catalan, English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy, Political Philosophy, Learning and Performance, Public Economics, Intelligence and Class Structure

An idea worth spreading

I firmly believe that the concept of voluntary taxation is the surest and shortest way to arrive at public policy that is truly motivated by the common good, i.e., the good of the rich, poor, and middle class.

I'm passionate about

I am passionate about human dignity, individual freedom, creativity and the fundamentally important role of taxation as a lever of human flourishing.

Talk to me about

Political philosophy, democracy, taxation. Austrian economics, the ineluctable and growing concentration of wealth in democracy and capitalism, or the corrupting effect of self-interest in politics.

People don't know I'm good at

Making large boxes of chocolate disappear.

My TED story

I learned about TED through social media and I immediately liked the concept. The 18-minute format is perfect for me because my mind has always hungered for the central idea, the intellectual kernel, of a proposal or project. When I discovered the existence of local chapters of TED, I immediately went to the next meeting in Barcelona. There, I was lucky enough to meet Jose Crucet, the massive and very active mind behind TEDxBarcelona. He accepted my proposal to give a talk about voluntary taxes. Today, I am not only an avid viewer and follower of TED, I am also a former TEDx speaker.

Favorite talks