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lakshmi sailaja
Posted over 1 year ago
What will it take to move our nation and then the world to the place where we value and nurture people.
each of us could mention different scenarios prevailing in our countries. but whats important is not the differences in its manifestations but to see the nature of the problem being the same. we are trying to see at the global scale, or at national level but is that not what we do in our small worlds - our world of family, friends, neighbours, work place, relatives? we speak of family - we are one but in our experience we separate ourself from them. we try to draw limits as to how far we act or think for the other. beyond that limit even if you see the other needs help, you tie your hands and legs, zip your mouth, block your heart and head to feel or think. we are concerned as far as we consider mine. ‘mine’ is the area that gives you certainty, pleasure, security, significance. it defines your sense of I. and unfortunately, the circle we have drawn is limited to our families, our achievements, joys and sorrows. the moment you have limited yourself you are blind to the fact that we are actually not this limited, separate entity as you tend to perceive or believe. our joys and sorrows, our successes and failures, our pleasures and inconveniences, our position or status in the society…every experience is connected to the small and the big world we live in, to all the people, nations of the world. if only if we can realise this truth of our existence, we will then act responsibly, with commitment, very different from what we are today. so Diann, if you are looking for a powerful, strong initiative it has to begin at the individual level. people in position and power have to think differently for them to act differently. thats when we act responsibly. thats when compassion is possible. for that matter any noble, wise action can be taken.