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Melissa Vitale
Posted over 1 year ago
Diana Nyad: Never, ever give up
I have listened to this SIX times today, and her description of the journey, the experiences, the feelings, the thoughts--they are SPOT ON. As a "new" runner (started in 2011) trying to master the half-marathon, I can relate to many of the feelings and experiences here. While mine barely scratch the surface, hers are so much deeper. I don't know that I can even wrap my brain around the spirit and character she built on this incredible journey, but I know what a relatively small amount of running has done for me. I remember when running a 5K seemed impossible, then a 10K, and now half-marathons. At this point, I have no idea if I will ever complete a full marathon, an ultra marathon, a half Ironman, then a full Ironman. But her boldness and spirit makes me believe it is possible for me to do all of these things. Her mantra is perfect for me in 2014--FIND A WAY. Running is my meditation. I don't intend to win any of these races or be the first in anything, but the act of doing it is enough. The act of being better at something than I was the day before keeps me going. My time may not be better, but I undoubtedly learned something on the journey, and it's different every time. It is most definitely not about the achievement of a dream, but the person you become in the process. Thank you, Diana, for letting me learn from you in your own journey. And yes--there is a team. Mine are not experts or scientists, but they are spouses, partners, friends, volunteers, and spectators, and each one plays a vital role. FIND A WAY. I intend to. I WILL.