Olympia Gianfrancesco

PhD student
Liverpool, United Kingdom

About Olympia


Hello, I'm Oly. :) I'm a former mental health service user, and PhD student in psychiatric genetics at the University of Liverpool. My experience of mental illness opened my mind to a great many things, and has left me with a deep desire to understand what it is to be human, and how we perceive ourselves and our place in this vast universe. As such, my interests include: mental health (particularly psychosis), psychology, (anti-) psychiatry, genetics, philosophy, reality, consciousness, religion, space, and quantum physics. I like learning things that make me question everything I thought I knew. It allows me to experience that stomach-churning buzz of nervous excitement that I used to get from psychotic delusions, but without the paralyzing fear of imminent death by alien attack! It's a weirdly addictive feeling. For a moment, you can believe that you've transcended the conspiracy of modern existence, and caught a rare glimpse of some universal truth. :)

Favorite talks