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sam ath nou
Posted 8 months ago
Is School really Benefiting Students or the Teachers? Problems of Tenure and the Impact it has on students.
It is so many problems in the world. Like the question "is school benefiting the students or teachers?". Let me ask all of you: Who is the teacher? And Who is the student?. If we are clear about these I think we will produce a quality of education system in the world. It is not only to help American students but help human being to keep this world for peace and harmony. One day I hope that all the teachers are the people who understood the reason of life. Why? Because if each individual who understand about his/her reason of life is meaningless. Therefore, he/she will do the better things for everybody who poor, weak and old than him/her. But how can we build the people who understand the reason of life? For instant, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Gandhi, John F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln etc, they always wanted to establish the peace for this earth. So why don't we think about their dedications? The above people who were understood the reason of life. So they devoted their life for everyone as a servant. I think if all the teachers are really understood the reason of life like those people every thing is Okay. Don't you think like me and why?