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Avichay Avivi
Posted over 1 year ago
With all the smart things we learn fred TED talks, does it ever make you wonder that...
I think you asked amazing question, Rasmus. My answer is: I think that a lot of people that act to make a diffrence in this world, confronted in their private life again and again with some problem. For example, if someone "wake up in the morning" and find out that she is a woman in a world full of man and women 50-50%. Nevertheless, she see again and again the lack of equality in this world. It makes her SAD. and ANGRY about this situation. I think this is the key here. If you want to make a difference in this world, you must search in soul first: Is there a thing that worth fighting for? The second thing that must come combined with the "thing that irritates me", as an individual , is the question: Are other people suffer from the same thing? If the answer is YES, other people suffer from the same thing - you've got a GOAL. Now, all you have to to is to think how to achieve this GOAL, even if it sounds crazy! To achieve crazy goals, you must first do a research and see how organizations, companives, movements etc took THEIR idea, which its FRAME is similar to yours- and realized it. For example, if the big, carzy idea of yours is building an army or unit that will stop terrorists from hurting your people in Denmark, do a very good research about the Mafia or other organized non professional half-army groups and how they started. Until you become a "PhD" in this particular field. All you have left is to take all the info you've got and divide it to sub-topics, antil you got in your hands the first step you need to do. "Live long and prosper" Avichay