Cam Mosher

Salt Lake City, UT, United States

About Cam


After serving on the faculties of Florida State University, The University of Arizona, and Brigham Young University, Cam Mosher founded his own company and began providing experience-based coaching, training and consulting in 1984 when he founded the first Ropes Course in Utah, and has since served over 20,000 participants internationally with powerful experiential programs including the Ropes Course and Firewalk. He believes that the greatest untapped resource is the human spirit and designs his programs so that, no matter how confident participants are at the outset, they can always discover more of themselves and their team. As a trainer, facilitator, and life coach, Cam is a bold and forthright truth–teller. He has an uncanny ability to get right to the core of the issue and support his clients and participants to clarity and solutions. He sees each person as a magnificent being who may not fully accept that for him/her self. To Cam, facilitation (and teaching) is focused on giving each participant (and student) the opportunity to actually experience that magnificence for self. He joined the faculty of SLCC in 2009 as an Adjunct, teaching Developmental Math. He views this opportunity as similar to the challenge of his ropes course and firewalk in that most of his students seem to perceive math negatively, and have approached it in the past with limiting attitudes, beliefs, and priorities. He sees that breaking out of these barriers and succeeding in math will give his students the capacity to experience success in many other areas of education and life. In addition to Developmental Math, he is currently teaching Geology at SLCC. With his own unique philosophy and style of experiential learning, embodied in the title of his book “I’m OK! I’m just not finished,” and drawing on many metaphorical resources including indigenous traditions, Cam offers a refreshing principle-based approach to teaching, personal empowerment and leadership development. His talks are filled with interesting and engaging ideas and metaphors.


English, German

Areas of Expertise

geology, Developmental Math, Experiential Learning, Life Coaching

An idea worth spreading

I desire that each person accept this as personally true: "I'm OK! I'm just not finished." That all people recognize that no one knows what is real or true, only what one PERCEIVES as real and true. And therefore that the highest relationships are built on sharing and learning each person's unique perceptions of reality and truth. We can either BE RIGHT or we can HAVE RELATIONSHIP. We can rarely have both! What a marvelously rich and diverse education we all would receive if we spent more time and energy listening and learning rather than insisting on being right!

I'm passionate about

The earth and humankind's relationship to her; each person recognizing and expressing his/her personal magnificence; finding beauty and opportunity in every experience of life.

Talk to me about

How to inspire students to develop and express their capacity for critical and analytical thinking and problem solving.

People don't know I'm good at

I have written a book, now in its second edition, "I'm OK! I'm just not finished--A Handbook for Empowerment." Available in print or eBook from major distributors.