Physician, Carl Heard, MD, MMM
Carson City, NV, United States

About CARL


Graduate of MUSC in 1985; Intern at LSU; Resident, UCI; private practice and extensive work in not-for-profit healthcare organizations.


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Medical Economics, Primary Care , Payment Reform in Healthcare, predictive analytics, medical management

An idea worth spreading

A method of paying for healthcare that pays for measurably improving the health of individuals, by estimating the probability that a person will be able to optimize the benefits of healthcare, and to identify those reasons or factors that a person does not optimize healthcare to their best health advantage. This approach hods the potential of fundamentally altering healthcare, accelerating innovation and improved public health and has implications for many other economic systems

I'm passionate about

Physician with 28 years of practice experience striving to fix what is broken in healthcare: We get what we pay for; encounters and procedures; we must now pay for what we want: improved health. I bel

Talk to me about

Behavior, health, payment systems, healthcare innovations, technology advances, predictive analytics, game theory

People don't know I'm good at


My TED story

A description of how the ability to estimate the "inertia" of patients in teh healthcare system can be sued to fundamentally redesign healthcare payment systems, and how this will ultimately affect regulatory systems and healthcare delivery world wide