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Denny Hydrick
Posted over 1 year ago
What is the tipping point, the critical mass, required in order for the public to act en masse?
First time post. I sorta thought the OCCUPY NOW movement might be a tipping point, maybe not a revolutionary one but a bringing together of folks who might join a movement to lead to change. But, it had no direction...tried to address too many issues which led most people to be turned off while agreeing on some of the publicized issues. Before that, the Tea Party came on the scene but it has never gotten support from "main-stream" America. Point is we tend to rise up ever so close to an imaginary tipping point and then slide back down to complacency. Sad thing is that each time we rise toward that point, we may not rise quite as far. Several things have been mentioned here that may, or may not, cause the critical mass to erupt but I'm afraid America is too polarized into [at least] two camps such that they may never join in a common cause short of America being militarily invaded by another country.