Tane Tinker

Eindhoven, Netherlands

About Tane


I dedicate my life to inspire every human being on Earth to enjoy this moment, now. The way I do this is by creating art together with my brothers. Our first work of art is named 'Present' and is a cardboard box with a golden ribbon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwLsH0TczKI

An idea worth spreading

I believe in a world where every human being is enjoying this moment, now, wherever we are.

I'm passionate about

Smiling, meditating, sharing love and creating art.

Talk to me about

Love, joy, inspiration, your dreams, your lessons, silence and the present, now.

My TED story

I have dropped out of the education of Physiotherapy to inspire the world on a larger scale by following my heart and create art together with my brothers. Full-time. Now.