Samuel Perez De Leon

Faculty / Economics , Lester B Pearson College
Victoria B.c., Canada

About Samuel


Economist by formation, social entrepreneur by conviction. I live surrounded by idealism. I teach to many future Mandela's, Park's and Luther Kings, but more than teaching, I do learn from them all. My expertise is in local development, inequalities and poverty. I do write an op-ed colum in the Newspaper Prensa Libre since the year 2000. I was a Congress candidate before turning 30. En explorer by nature. Currently I live in Victoria, B.C. with my wife and 2 children, a dog, two fishes at my house and many ideas in my head.


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Economics , Social Issues, Research - Economics, Education Research and Science, Politics & current affairs, International Affairs with an emphasis on economic and social de, Global Education, Guatemalan social and economic issues, Journalism - print

An idea worth spreading

How structural inequalities may trigger violent behavior.

I'm passionate about

The challenges that the future brings, especially the inequalities and environmental ones in the light of the current economic system and how we understand it.