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Hamtramck, MI, United States

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I live, work, love, pray and play in Detroit, Michigan, USA with my two adult children, grandchildren and a wonderful group of people striving to make good what we were left with after the unrest of '67 and the exodus of industry and citizens.

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Square foot gardens.

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Community Place Building, Vertical Farming, Permaculture, Maker-hacker-retro-punk

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Ulysses Newkirk
Posted over 1 year ago
Rather than tear down housing in Detroit, let's repurpose it to house, treat and rehab our nation's mentally ill homeless citizens.
I vote NO! Not just because I live in Detroit, but it's just too easy to see an entire nation willing to shove their family members into railroad cars and intermodal cargo containers, dropshipping them to be abused, mistreated, neglected and abandoned by underpaid caregivers and greedy business people. This is not a well thought out idea. You haven't accounted for human nature.