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I am an experienced writer and researcher of Natural Organic Care. I am having expertise in all topics relating to natural body care, hair care and skin care . Feel free to ask any question regarding natural products or skin care issues. I'll try my level best to provide you with the best possible solution.

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Natural beauty care green products. I have done lot of research relating natural products. Read a lot about the specialities of their ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil etc.

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Adrea John
Posted over 1 year ago
How can we improve plastic recycling ?
I don't know much about plastic recycling methods but I think that we (consumers)can change the trend of companies. If we start purchasing echo friendly products and cosmetics etc which are packed in 100% post consumer recycled bottles, the companies will surely change their packing according to trend. There are a few stores which are offering echo friendly products like http://www.naturalorganiccare.co.uk , Dr. Bornner products and many more