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nathan mendelsohn
Posted over 1 year ago
If the Internet is making us dumber, in what ways does it do it?
The first question you have to ask is what does dumb mean? if we are talking about dumb in the context of docile and obedient than no it is'nt making us dumb. remeber the internet wasnt founded that to long ago compared to fire a resource of nature that helped us develope as a species. The internet like fire has Good and Evil points that can made such as the global socialisation movement and on the other hand oppressed information, I mean who do you realy believe and is that web page reliable? something that us as a human race need to take into account is that not everything is "true" per say. This leads on to my next topic books and knowledge. books harver information and through infomation comes knowledge. knowledge is power and power is the root to all evil... yada yada yada... I could go on all day... but putting it blunt the internet isn't making us dumb no, we are just at a cross roads like a cat stuck in headlights... overwhelmed by what we see. like fire we will come not to master it but to live along side it and use the internet as a part of our nature.