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I , Stepanov Sergey Mikhailovich , was born on 1960 in Karelia Autonomous Republic ( this is between Finland and Russia). I was educated at Grammar School and Musical School at the same time. In 1975 I entered and in 1979 finished the complete course of Krivoy Rog State Musical College by speciality of accordion. After graduation I began to work as a teacher of music on accordion class, piano class and as a conductor of the orchestra .On the basis of acquired experience together with pediatrician Kolesnik V. D. the children Project " Reflection " was elaborated - . Joint Inventive Activity was proved with the Author License in the Ukraine. At present I am working on the creation of digital school-books on music teaching of children both preschool period ( 5-7 years old ) and early school period ( 7-9 years old ) .We consider the children would benefit by further study .

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Music Teaching Technology for Beginners .
Statistics and practice show that the period of learning by standard music grammar is delayed for several years. Already at the early stage of learning at Children’s Music School, within of two – three months, up to thirty percent of children lose their interest to music subject and leave the study. This phenomenon is explained by the study overload arising at the first contact of the child to difficult format of adopted note coding and decoding of music information.
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Considering the benefits of Digital Grammar in a Music Educational Program .

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Music " Reflection " for friends
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Teacher of Music , Author and Developer of the scientific Project " Reflection " dedicated to children .

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Throughout many centuries, the musical structure has had numerous modifications. We can observe the constant use of digits for convenience of notation of the music sounds, for example : digital organ bass, lute tablatures, guitar jazz ciphers. At nowadays the digital system of music teaching is absent in the curriculum and is not applied in practice because of teacher's insufficient professional knowledge in the sphere of child's neurophysiology .The findings of our scientific investigations have permit us to understand the most delicate mechanisms of child’s mental activity and to detect new creative abilities.Application of the information technologies will help schoolmasters to improve the quality, speed and efficiency of music teaching for beginners.