Sébastien Cloutier

Montreal, Canada

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M.A. Philosophy, Université du Québec à Montréal.

Translation :

- Robert. N. McCauley, On reducing a science (english to french)
- Pete Mandik, The neuronal accomplishment of objectivity (english to french)

Published in ''Des neurosciences à la philosophie, neurophilosophie et philosophie des neurosciences'', Syllepse, 2008.



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Philosophy of Language, Philosophy

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Philosophy, music, visual arts, cognitive sciences...


UQAM, Montreal Quebec

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Sébastien Cloutier
Posted over 3 years ago
What do you think each and every one of us can do to counter the impact and influence of porn as default sex education, everywhere?
A lot of what I see on your webpage and talks is about the normative, what is considered "normal" by people. Now this of course has an impact on what they think is right or wrong. So this issue IS about morality after all. I personally believe that "dialogue" and "testimony" don't make science. They are not sufficient to point out there IS an issue, more that just behaviors shocking to our moral judgment. If we want to have an honnest debate about porn, it has to be grounded in psychology and medecine...
Sébastien Cloutier
Posted about 5 years ago
Nicholas Christakis: The hidden influence of social networks
> We form social networks because the costs outweight the benefits. - If I do you harm, or give you misinformation, or infect you, you would cut the ties with me. - The social network would disintegrate. > The spread of good and valuable things are required to sustain a social network. - The opposite is also true: social networks are required to spread good and valuable things. > Social networks are foundamentally related to goodness.
Sébastien Cloutier
Posted about 6 years ago
Nate Silver: Does racism affect how you vote?
I think there is a mistake about this attitude. Thinking in terms of race is just as important (indeed vital) for country people as cosmopolitanism (in Kant fashion) is for city people. Country IS about careful selection and cities ARE about plurality, exchanges, mixtures. So why the cities should impose their mentality to the country people?