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Joshua Anjali
Posted 9 months ago
Is the pursuit of financial wealth by itself "evil"?
I think your question is a good one, especially for the times we live in. There are an infinite number of ways to approach this question, but maybe modifying the word EVIL is a good idea. It is an absolute value on a spectrum of GOOD and EVIL, which encourages us to respond accordingly (yes or no), but it does not have a yes or no answer, because life rarely appears to work that way. Is it good for the species, the host (our planet), the market, the community, the individual? These frames of reference shape the answer to the question. In my opinion, the pursuit of resources (money) for the sake of personal gain is not in line with the long term survival of the species and problematic for the planet. If most people are struggling just to survive, the struggle of a few to gather more resources than they could ever possibly use in a lifetime seems psychotic, and probably is. In a small-scale example it makes sense. If you were trapped on a small island with ten people, and resources were difficult to obtain, how would you behave? Would you share? Would you take without giving? Would you put your own survival ahead of the group's? Your answer to these type of questions might lead you to a personal answer which is how you will behave. EVIL, no, but when the ratio of people who are devoid of needed resources is substantially greater than the number of people who have these resources...then violence follows historically. Don't be rich while others starve. That is not good, I think.