Lucia Freitas

Owner, Conectiva Comunicação
São Paulo - Sp, Brazil

About Lucia


Web writer
Two published books (so far): Contra Lamúria, (Casa Pyndahyba,1994) and Esquadrilha da Fumaça, (Agência Estado, 1993) with Lu Gomes and Hélio Campos Melo.
Experienced editor and writer in: trends and behaviour, health, technology, travel & living, shopping, culture and gastronomy.
Study and uses social media since 2004 and educate people in Brazil to use new technologies safely.


English, Portuguese

An idea worth spreading

If we can change our way of living, consuming and using resources, we'll reach a new society, able to share and live with less pressure and more satisfaction.

I'm passionate about

internet, blogging, twitter, news, writing, science, environment

Talk to me about

science, technology, biology, innovation

People don't know I'm good at

teaching (mostly because I don't let them know that)

My TED story

I found TED in 2005/6 and never left. My current goal is to attend one TED. Love this ideas, TED Prize and everything about the community. My most dear colaboration is translate talks to PT_BR..

Favorite talks