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Leigh Storey
Posted over 1 year ago
What (if anything) should be done about gender inequality in media or films?
I don't think that quantifying the data, setting targets and quotas will make a impact on the situation. It highlights the problem, but doesn't offer a solution. Akin to the 'glass ceiling' that was identified, quantified and still continues to permeate in white collar or blue collar workplaces. I also don't believe that an instantaneous solution is available. Starting the discussion, as you have, will open the minds of future generations to new and different possibilities and ways of expressing their art and understanding of the world. As long as we give these people the opportunity to think and create in a different way, (to what past generations are accustomed to). eg. Instead of teaching, this is how you write a good action script: male protagonist, exploding things, revenge acts etc. I can think of some action films that I really enjoyed just because the main character was a woman and that in itself made the story flow differently. I choose to see this void as a great opportunity, all the stories yet to be told or conveyed, just imagine! We just have to keep the conversation going and be honest and vocal about our perception of these representations. :)