Alina Siluyanova

Alanya, Turkey

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English, Russian, Spanish

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Know Thyself and Dare Greatly

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opening Languages, exploring Cultures, experiencing Countries

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yourself and relationships with people, languages and songs, countries and cultures, thoughts' power and inner feelings, and this endless process of exploring the world around us

People don't know I'm good at

driving, shooting, price negotiations (sounds intriguing after I wrote "shooting"), dancing, cooking The Cake, transerfing of reality, knitting socks, hiding in the bush (yes, the exact bush)

My TED story

Veni, vidi, loved it, became a part of it

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Alina Siluyanova
Posted 13 days ago
Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids
Adora, you sound amazing: confident, clever, daring, engaging! Good for you! Some people widened their views and perspectives by listening to your speech, so I think it proves that noone will actually lose from considering kids' opinions. Don't pay attention to bad comments. Stay as confident as you are on this video!
Alina Siluyanova
Posted 8 months ago
Suzanne Talhouk: Don't kill your language
How big the world is indeed! I never knew such a trouble can appear anywhere. Native language is uncool? This even sounds strange. I love to learn new languages - it is a mystery and magic. It is like you get an ability to HEAR, SEE and TALK again. Wonderful! And the more i open for myself new cultures this way, the more i appreciate my native language which is Russian. Because i reopen its beauty and colorfulness once again, because i feel it as a good basement for learning new skills in communication. Russian may not be recognized all over the world, it may be not easy to learn and use, but it is the language which is in my blood, which i love even more every day encountering another languages. Not because Russian is cooler or better, but only because i see how much it identifies the culture, the way of thinking, mentality, culture. Your native language - want it or not - is integrated in you, in your DNA. And it is cool! Because you have knowledge which no english, russian or french person has! On their turn, they have knowledge you will not be ever able to posses no matter how fluent you are in their languages. Doesn't it say how unique each of us is? Isn't it amazing? Do not kill your language - is a little bit negative formulation for me. I would say: LOVE AND REOPEN YOUR NATIVE LANGUAGE SELF! Thank you for your speech!