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A S Mahajan
Posted 12 months ago
Is Technology stopping or abetting political apathy? Can we beat political apathy with technology?
The suggestion is not of Socialism where state ownership is all pervading.  From history we find that the form of governance has changed over time.Far back it would be tribe head, then Kings, Emperors,dictactors, and then a group of people put there by democracy or as communist or as Socialists . These group of people are there as the entire country cannot sit in a hall to decide on governance issues.But with future technology we can have such big virtual halls. Where nearly all citizens can participate to decide on governance issues. Lot many issues come to mind about such a set up, but they all are within the horizon of known technology. Technology will evolve governance, increase transparence. Under so many watchfull eyes corruption will be significantly reduced. Citizens empowerment will increase with technology.  Then maybe we may have a healthy mix of democracy and socialism.