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Richard Aston
Posted over 4 years ago
Celebrating and Inspiring Curiosity as a Key Component in Learning
A fully support this notion of a "Curiosity Driven Life " and indeed its been my life in large parts. In my experience curiosity is not always welcomed and indeed is feared in some places. Government and corporations at their worst come to mind. The education systems as Sir Ken so elegantly points out are almost set up to expressly suppress curiosity.
Richard Aston
Posted over 4 years ago
Should Governments start to measure what really matters to people - their happiness? Or should they stay out of such a private matter?
Its a lovely idea and of course begs the next question " What is happiness" but can government or rather the machinery of government engage into this area? I don't think government cannot directly improve overall happiness rather use the notion of increased happiness as a guiding image/value behind all policy and action. How would happiness as a policy driver sit with the politics of the state. It seems politicians ( and others) so often use fear as a social control mechanism . Fear of crime, disease, old age, youth, others etc. Would an increase in overall happiness result in reduced overall fear? Perhaps the first place to start would be to measure the happiness of governments and their servants.