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Bronx, NY, United States

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Chef Kenneth "Kenny" Minor
Private Chef & Motivational Speaker

Chef Kenneth Minor, from Washington DC, is the proud owner of Chef Kenny Catering in New York City where he currently calls home. Chef Kenny success began under the tutelage of his grandmother in the comforts of her kitchen. His homegrown passion for food took him to the Art Institute of New York City where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Culinary Management. He has cooked under some of the finest chefs in the industry including Chef Daniel Chino Parilla of the notable Five9th Restaurant in New York City's trendy Meatpacking District.

Chef Kenny's knowledge and love for healthy eating has been the key to his success and a favorite of his clientele. He has provided innovative Southern regional cuisine re-imagined in a healthful manner to small intimate gatherings and extravagant celebrations.

Chef Kenny's food styling has been featured in Hampton's Magazines Restaurants 2010 Power List. He has also made appearances on the Food Network series, Chopped and WUSA Channel 9 News segments with JC Hayward in Washington D.C. In 2010, Kenny launched the “Eat for Life project. The Mission of this project is to help educate individuals looking to transition to a healthier way of eating and living through diet and exercise. Chef Kenny and the Eat for Life project have remained active in the community conducting nutrition and health cooking workshops for adults and children at community centers, wellness expos, schools and universities. Chef Kenny's personal struggle with weight lead to his passion for healthier eating. After losing 80 pounds ten years ago, he has been able to maintain his weight loss by maintaining the healthy lifestyle he is able to communicate to others.

When you, Eat for life in the now, food becomes a way to connect with your truest self and your health goals.