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Matt Johnson
Posted over 1 year ago
What do you think of the Social Contract?
It is an inherantly flawed concept. The social contract functions on the basis that most, if not all, of its affected population will adhere to its principles based on the premise of merely hypothetical security. Not all of those who are under its radar will want that promise of security, and the lack of choice in the matter will make them hesitant to comply. Collective security and personal freedom are all too often opposing forces. The idea that one can be infringed for the sake of another will anger extremist adherents on one side or the other. All to often, it is the social contract, or the potentially merited disrespect thereof, indirectly or directly causes war. For example; the social contract that subjects should be loyal to their king caused independent minded colonist to resist the promised security of the redcoats. It is the only thing we have to safeguard the masses though. In my opinion it can work, but it has to remain fluid and fair. It has to balance security and freedom, and deny those the ability to abuse the system that would do so. Otherwise, it will collapse. As for its validity, I hate the idea of being ruled, but it is necessary. Few other mediums exists to contol the population, and they include abusing religion and claiming blasphemous divine right to rule, and submitting to tyrannical monopolies on violence. The social contract is so far the only way a free society can obtain power.