mari osa

Plain, WI, Mexico

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Improvisation dance expressionist.

An idea worth spreading

we are fluid biological beings that resonate with every other fluid biological system.

I'm passionate about

dance and empowering people through movement

Talk to me about

accessing our fluid nature in mind and body and why that would be important

People don't know I'm good at

dog training

My TED story

love watching clips . would love to go to a conference some time.

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mari osa
Posted over 3 years ago
How will you take part in JR's TED Prize wish?
I am an American living in a UNESCO beautiful Mexican City that is ranked as the 4th best city in the world by travel and leisure magazine. It has wonderful assets but the water situation makes me very sad . Development and lots of other factors I do not understand have made the water a disgusting green that is foul and smells horrific. This water runs through town. People dump all garbage along this canal and it is very unhealthy to breath in the stench.There is a nature preserve not far from town , where the water supply use to come from. It is dried up and has a huge dam wall that no longer is useful . I would love to gather pictures of the old crones who beg in the streets here and paste them on that wall. The begging old women , to me are a reminder of the goddess crying out to be noticed. I would love to find others here to help.