Adrian Kearns

Cape Town, Athlone, South Africa

About Adrian


Bachelors degree in Public Management, several short courses in Project, events, people management, nearly 10 years experience in Community development and service delivery, passionate about helping people, regardless of age, gender, ethinicity, cultural or religious beliefs. I believe that the essence to living life is having an selfless complete humanitarian value, belief and passion. There is only one life for me, I need to achieve as much as i can through touching as many people lives as possible.

Areas of Expertise

Events Management , Events and Brand promotions, Project Management - community development,

An idea worth spreading

life is a field of unlimited possibilities - Deepak Chopra

I'm passionate about

Social inclusivity, helping others, opening doors for young people to gain acess too opportunities in communities.

Talk to me about

moral regeneration, social exclusion in society and how to intergrate marginalised groups in mainstream society

People don't know I'm good at

expressing contextual and conceptual ideas

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