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E Jayne
Posted over 1 year ago
How does the discovery of the Higgs boson affect our real life?
"Science never proves anything..." But it does prove something, But only within that moment the proof is being offered. Because the moment changes into another moment, this proof turns into an explanation for the next thing to come. So yes, I do agree with your statement. I like what you say. Science is the ability to produce solutions in some problem domain. There is an energy associated with solving problems in which our thoughts move information through a process to lead our actions to discovery. In other words, science is energy. Relative to our thoughts, this energy constantly changes. In reference to the Higgs Boson, in essence, its scientific principles offer us information in reference to particles and mass. These principles become maps to relative energy movement. People are entities of energy that constantly move and change, including our thoughts, feelings, actions, and spirit. We can use the principles of relativity and particle physics to offer a means for people to get their "act" together and apply these principles of science as a highway of movement where people (as human energy) can learn to drive through this change.