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Daniel Cazan
Posted over 1 year ago
Which application of drones excites or terrifies you the most?
I was at a security talk recently (computers, not drones) and a very interesting outlook was brought up. Privacy (in computers) is not so much about how much information you trust a company with, it is how much you trust the company. For example, the government has our social security numbers, tax information, history.. but they have checks and balances in places that we (more or less grudgingly) accept.. at least to the point where we trust them not to sell that information. A police officer can ask for our drivers license and insurance information, someone at the supermarket is allowed to see our credit card numbers (but not billing information), Amazon sees more.. In the context of drones the biggest ongoing fear seems to be privacy from government and from each other... so in a way it seems like the fear would be best addressed with transparency and (I hate the following word) legislation. To be crude for a moment (I apologize), 'revenge porn' wen through a burst for a period of time as technology outpaced privacy and legislation, and then was brought back under control. The same thing can be done with drones. And I think one of the big things we want is the idea of being allowed to misbehave just a little (speed on the roads at night, go buy fireworks we aren't supposed to have in our state, etc), as long as we aren't hurting anyone without consent. So my fear (echoed in 1984) is that we all have to start following laws never expected / designed to be fully enforced, because suddenly we become fully visible. My greatest hope is that we step up (like we did with the Internet - NSA scandal not withstanding) and use this to protect wildlife, give vision to first responders, and yes use these in combat to spare the lives of troops (but fine-tune the process). Oh, and that I can have a Parrot 2, write some software, and use the camera to stage mock aerial dogfights with my friends.