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Jennifer Koo
Posted over 1 year ago
Does Grit differ from social status, gender, or ethnicity?
Well, I'm just a student, but I would like to share my opinions on this topic. Like there is a clear difference between kids from educational family and the others, there is a diffrence in grit. It's kind of sad and unfair, but how smart childrens are until middle school depends on the knowlege they have gained. It might be true for only South Koreans like me, but kids from educational family read a lot of good books and improve their talent. Well, since wisdom of life depend on the experience, kids from educational families do have a higer advantage of being smart in real life because they gained lots of indirect experience through books. I belive that learning how to self-control and try hard for one's long-term goal('grit') is included in wisdom we need to live successfully. Therefore, I belive that children who are raised by educational parents and have gained wisdom by reading books have diffrence between children from not educational families in controlling one's grit.