Harsh Agarwal

Curator & Licensee, TEDxBhilwara
Pune - Maharashtra, India

About Harsh


I graduated from my high school with IB Diploma and then joined a law school. After finishing the first trimester, I dropped out of the college and decided to take a gap year because it was absolutely not making sense for me to just go and sit in those lectures which demanded only to learn facts and not think. I couldn't take it. I did so because my gut feeling said so. I then decided to to do things I have always wanted to for next 6 months. I am a kind of a person who is not competitive. I have big dreams and I want to achieve each of them. But I am influenced by my gut and no matter what and how, I do, what my instincts say.

TED Conference

TEDGlobal 2014

Areas of Expertise

Research, Research - Economics, Public Speaking, renewable energy

I'm passionate about

Renewable energy, solar panels, TED, TEDx, TEDxBhilwara, Travelling, Adventure-sports, Mountain climbing, Education, Food-Tech

Talk to me about

Solar Energy,TEDxBhilwara, Entrepreneurship Administration, Business Laws, Photography, Philosophy, Ideologies, Economics, Business Management, Globalization, Social and Economic Development, FoodTech

People don't know I'm good at

Connecting with people, Film-making, Room-makeover, Accomplishing multiple tasks.

My TED story

I was first introduced to TED in the year 2010. The first TED talk I watched was, Sixth Sense Technology by Pranav Mistry and I was absolutely taken aback watching it. Then and there my interest developed more into TED talks. I started watching more and more. In year 2012 I got opportunity to attend TEDxTheCalorxSchool in Ahmedabad. Being inspired by attending the event, I got attracted towards what goes behind the event and how TEDx events so wonderfully show up. Then I decided to work with a TEDx event and applied at TEDxGateway in Mumbai. Was welcomed on board and presently continuing to work with them. Now being connected with TED and TEDx since a long time, I have been greatly inspired to organise a TEDx event in my hometown which is a small city in state of Rajasthan. My purpose is only to spread the local knowledge and build an exciting local community which would be then motivated to think in many different dimensions and everyday do something which would blow minds of many.

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Comments & conversations

Harsh Agarwal
Posted over 1 year ago
What book have you read that everyone should read and why?
Reading is breathing for me and I love literature. Have read quite books from various genres, like, Classics, Philosophy, Business, Fiction, Inspirational and many more. The book I loved till now very much is, The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell . This piece of literature has it's own essence of joyous reading. I recommend this because it encompasses the biography of ideas in a wonderful manner throughout every crisp page of it. Added to that, this book is a must read also because, it helps one to cross limit of a particular social behaviour. Overall, a beautifully crafted piece.