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carmen burguete
Posted 9 months ago
How many languages should we learn in bussiness? which one we must have to learn?
Hello! This is my first comment in TED and I have to use English language. But I speak Spanish, one of the most important language in the world. I think is the second one if we're considering the amount of countries where it's spoken. But if I want to watch the TED's conferences or to participate in this conversation I need to use English. When we think about the importance of education in a society, we usually say that this education is necessary if you want that people think on their own. This is the way to be free. We want to read the news and have our opinion. But if there is someone who read them for you the news can be changed. You don't feel really free. In countries like Spain, we're used to watching films that have been dubbed. I want to listen the real voices, the real interpretation. I want to judge by I need to learn English!!!! My opinion is that you have to learn all that helps you to think freely. The most you can learn the most you can think. The most you can think the most free you are. (excuseme if my English is not perfect.....but I'm learning your language!!!!! and I'm happy to be able to talk to you )